Equipment functions:
1) The guide rails of the long and short pressing assemblies are located at the lower part of the frame, which can effectively
reduce the overall size of the frame punching machine and meet the frame punching range;
2) The lifting platform adopts a high-precision, high-load synchronous lifting mechanism, the auxiliary parts can be leveled, with simple and compact structure;
3) The long side adopts 3~4 sets of pressing mechanisms, and the pressing and hooking mechanisms are installed at the riveting point of the pressing frame to the maximum extent, which can reduce the explosion caused by the deformation of the frame when the frame is pressed;
4)The auto frame machine riveting pre – normalization to avoid frame dislocation when pressing;
5) The glass leveling mechanism is integrated or independent of the pressing mechanism of the riveting point to ensure
the frame riveting



              Technical Data
1 rhythm ≤20S/Pcs
2 Grain movement rate ≥98%
3 Yield ≥99.9%(The calculation is based on the defects caused by the equipment itself)
4 Group frame dislocation ≤0.3mm
5 Border corner gap ≤0.3mm
6 Requirements for glue overflow of framing machine The contact surface between the long and short side aluminum frame and the framing machine is more than 85%, and the frame coating will not be damaged
7 Glue quantity Glue quantity error:±5%
8 Glue overflow on glass surface The silica gel shall be connected flat and smooth without visible gap and bubble. There shall be no empty glue between the frame and the front of the glass. Use a 0.3mm feeler gauge to insert the sealing gap depth ≤ 5mm
9 Glue overflow on back plate surface The back plate surface overflows evenly, the back plate surface overflows without rolling up, the rubber strip is continuous, beautiful and free of leakage and empty rubber, and the silica gel overflows up to 3mm
10 Corner overflow The four corners of the frame are flush with the frame
11 Separation of gluing machine and framing machine Glue applicator and framing machine can work independently without interference with each other
12 Glue quantity control system There is an accurate glue output control system, which can effectively control the glue amount at the head and tail of the frame
13 Long edge of aluminum frame Double glass 30 * 28 / groove width 3.9 ~ 5.3mm; Single glass 35 * 30 / groove width 4.2 ~ 4.8mm
14 Short edge of aluminum frame Double glass 30 * 10 / groove width 3.9 ~ 5.3mm; Single glass 35 * 30 / groove width 4.2 ~ 4.8mm
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