Equipment functions:

1)With deviation correction and hot melting mechanism;

2)Equipped with EVA / TPT and other material laying and leveling mechanism;

3)It has the function of eliminating joint tailings;

4)Servo and planetary reducer are adopted to increase the operation accuracy of the equipment;

5)Adopt punching die to ensure uniform punching and blanking removal;

6)Adopt hob cutting method to increase the service life of hob and the quickness of on-site replacement.



 Technical Data
1 Applicable process It is used for cutting, punching and cutting of packaging materials such as EVA, TPT, TPE, Pye and Poe of solar cell modules
2 Adaptability This machine should be suitable for opening three-part and two-part EVA half piece double glass components and standardmodules.
3 Applicable cutting film thickness EVA、POE:0.20-0.80mm; TPT、PET and so on:0.12-0.40 mm
4 Cutting length Adjustable between 1000-2450mm
5 Blanking length error ≤±2mm
6 Diagonal error of cutting ≤±2 mm
7 Edge center distance error of punching and cutting position ≤±1mm
8 Cutting width 970—1200mm
9 Coil specification (maximum diameter, weight) the maximum diameter is 800mm and the maximum weight is not less than 500kg
10 Feeding and receiving method Pneumatic feeding, tiling and receiving, fixed by pneumatic expansion shaft
11 Cut length of outgoing line Less than 120mm, 40mm-120mm adjustable or die replacement, compatible with three openings, round holes / double seams
12 Monomer EVA Opening length: 75 ~ 130mm, opening form: wire hole
13 Double glass EVA Punching size: round hole: diameter 12-14mm
14 Standard module punching EVA: round hole: diameter 12-14mm. Back plate: slot hole: 3 * 75mm; Round hole: 12mm in diameter
15 Punching size deviation ±1mm
16 Laying accuracy Front, rear, left and right deviation<±1.5mm
17 Cycle Time ≤22s(including punching time, length 2300mm)
18 Mode selection With direct, double glass and conventional modes, it can realize fast switching
19 Uptime >98%
20 Continuous feeding of EVA cutting machine It has a hot-melt mechanism, which can be connected by hot-melt, and has the function of automatic joint throwing. There is no need to wear EVA again for refueling, and the function can be switched
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