Equipment functions:

1)All-in-one double sided coating,through the modulardesign, continuous film deposition is carried out on the front and
back of the silicon wafer without turning the silicon wafer, so asto realize fast and efficient production;
2)Good scalability,according to the requirements of equipment capacity, process form, substrate size and layout, the excellent equipment stability of specific equipment structure can be customized. Through accurate transmission control and vacuum treatment, the process stability and low fragmentation rate of the equipment under high-speed operation can be
ensured. The design of fast and uniform heating system can ensure the uniform and stable heating of the substrate through
segmented multi-channel temperature control system;
3)Hjt high efficiency battery PVD coating special large-size,light load, low thermal expansion coefficient, high flatness composite structure design carrier plate, excellent coating quality,combined with cathode structure and cavity form, to ensure the uniformity and repeatability of coating under large-size carrier plate;
4)The horizontal magnetron sputtering coating equipment uses the physical process to transfer atoms or molecules from
the material source to the substrate surface to complete the physical coating process;
5)The equipment uses magnetron sputtering method to realize the function of double-sided coating in one process, and
splash TCO film on the front and back sides of silicon wafer.

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