Product & Service

MES custom development & software and hardware technical service outsourcing

The MES team provides customers with standard and customized services to achieve efficient workshop management.

MES Function

  • Establish a digital manufacturing platform for production process management and unify the management of production and manufacturing business in the workshop.
  • Realize the interconnection between various systems, open up the data series of workstation terminals, and solve the enterprise information island.
  • Realize transparency, visualization, refinement and balance of production manufacturing and management.
  • Realize the whole life cycle traceability of production products and materials
    Improve manufacturing collaboration across business units and improve enterprise productivity.
  • Reduce the workload of manual input and reduce the workload of employees.
  • Shorten the product manufacturing cycle and ensure the benefits of enterprises.
  • Improve product quality,Continuously improve customer satisfaction.

MES System Copyright

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